The government intervene Baidu 360 find out the cards to prevent escalation of war


All forces in the war of 360

Baidu search (Tencent technology plan)

Tencent science and technology news (Le Tian) September 2nd news, Baidu 360 search war continues, and raised concerns. Tencent technology today informed that the relevant government departments have been looking for all interviews, the differences between the parties point out, prevent the escalation of events. In addition, the investment banks are constantly seeing Baidu and 360 executives. However, Baidu and 360 were not on this position.

it is understood that the war is a controversial point, Baidu believes that 360 malicious violation of the robots agreement. Data show that the robots file is an open protocol, the website can be accessed through the file to tell search engines crawl rules, such as Baidu know robots file allows Baidu, Sogou search, search and capture, prohibiting other search engines crawl the content in the list.

previously, Baidu Engineer Zhao Minghua pointed out that despite the 360 search robots protocol wantonly grab Baidu data, is a kind of internet protocol does not comply with the basic behavior of all Internet users, privacy and security threaten.

360 is avoiding this, pointing out that the 360 search is a search engine with intellectual property, has established a core search technology team composed of hundreds of engineers. 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi said the search giant can do whatever they want to manipulate the search results, moral condemnation of public criticism of the big invalid, only to break the monopoly of competition will benefit consumers and industry.

informed sources pointed out that the relevant government departments have been looking for Baidu, 360, Sogou parties to understand the progress of the situation, hoping to mediate, and prevent the entire event to upgrade. From the current situation, the relevant departments of the current period of time does not want to further expand the impact of the situation, but in violation of the robots agreement on 360 events in the study."

has been in a wait-and-see attitude about Sogou also talk about objects in Baidu, the 360 world war. Previously, are marginalized worry, Sohu CEO Zhang Zhaoyang lost and lonely, said Sogou must war, and that "the wolf and the elephant battle, we hope is the Tibetan mastiff."

Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan confirmed today, in the afternoon by the head of the government asked Sogou in Baidu 360 war attitude. Wang Xiaochuan reply is: welcome to do 360 search, the industry is more open, more choices to the Internet users; robot.txt is the industry self-regulation should be observed, unless otherwise provided by the government. Wang Xiaochuan once again expressed concern about the search to do 360, said the industry is worried about the safety of the referee and do the players in 360. For example, said 360 Sogou browser security is a key optimization is unfair competition, the government needs to do something.

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