Website promotion necessary tools webmaster statistics

website promotion cannot do without statistical tools, a website promotion is and how many users visit is complementary, blind promotion will often have little effect, to prevent the blindness of the promotion, so the data statistics is one of the essential tools of website promotion. Statistical tools not only can let Adsense know the site can access the current situation according to the different demand analysis of the effect of the promotion way, to solve this problem CNZZ in the product promotion process, the corresponding optimization of search engine and analysis functions to visit.


first CNZZ webmaster statistics after the upgrade in the operating interface of the unity of style. Page layout is more reasonable, more clear annotation information, adding more data to show the form, allowing users to query the data show more concise and comfortable.

CNZZ webmaster statistics the increase of total search volume in search engine function on nearly 30 days trend chart, the major search engines search volume nearly 30 days trend chart, owners can not only see the search engine traffic proportion, can see the search engine to bring the flow of the trend, and the line graph to show the webmaster. For this data can be on the site of the corresponding SEO optimization, so as to achieve the ideal promotion effect, and more convenient to do the contrast between search engines.



CNZZ keyword statistics you can count each keyword for your site brings much traffic and search engine in all, through the data owners can more effectively manage and optimize the keywords, and then reach the expected promotion effect, so as to avoid the keyword promotion in human and financial resources waste.

CNZZ access details of the statistics of each visit to the user’s detailed visit time, IP, geographic location and the way to visit, keywords and a visit to which page. According to this function webmaster can understand the basic situation of each user login site. The webmaster can be used as an important reference in the analysis of the specific user, and the data of the page layout in the show is more reasonable, Adsense not in view of the data at the same time because the amount of data and the data confused problem.


CNZZ background analysis function can be clear for you in the analysis of the way users visit visit and bring their own traffic data according to the data, you can analyze the site of the new and old customers a probably ratio and each partner sites to bring you much flow, to understand the source of web traffic proportion, and to to promote the development of strategy.


future CNZZ will continue to update and improve the webmaster statistics, better cater to the needs of modern webmaster statistics. I believe the webmaster in the use of webmaster statistics at the same time, the promotion of the site will do better.

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