WeChat red lead traffic Raiders


after reading this article, you will get the following three points:

1, understand why micro-blog red envelopes to attract fans is not worthwhile.

2, WeChat threw avoid the low efficiency of the red.

3, learning to the best of the current 2 best, most practical, WeChat powder suction method.

let’s get started!

at the beginning of the year, Sina micro-blog launched a let red fly activities. I first sent a red envelope, and then ID appeared in the public screen, you have to grab to focus on me. For example, I do mask, then you pay attention to me when it is possible to buy. That is, the flow of money is just out of the event, immediately attracted the attention of many micro business and marketing experts, less than a few days to participate in the number of up to 3600w. I was no exception, immediately opened a new number test.

I was 1500 dollars, to the end of the red collar fans to 1400+, with an average of $1 per fan. But then the question comes, most of the active fans get red envelopes immediately canceled attention. By the morning of the second day, the number of fans fell to the remaining 500. Equivalent to 3 yuan per fan. I immediately sent a micro-blog, waiting for a day, a point of praise are not. This shows that the quality of these 500 fans is very poor – they do not even bother to cancel the attention. Micro-blog itself is a very low viscosity platform. So micro-blog red is not worthwhile, if you insist on using. Recommended to send a micro-blog, similar content: "forwarding and WeChat (QQ), X X April prize, bonus 888 yuan." So you can keep about 40-60% fans.

in fact, on micro-blog, regardless of the way to promote the fans can not avoid large-scale drop powder. Net red forwarding efficiency of about 1 yuan per fan), unless your micro-blog is a regular payment of benefits and there is a requirement to add WeChat fans move.

now we’re talking about WeChat red envelopes.

WeChat red envelopes drainage method A: Xiao Ming is how to deal with a night by WeChat red envelopes 20w

Ming is a hard mask agent, promotion of monthly income was about 1-2W, one day, he came to me and asked: what can I give? He designed a process, let him overnight recruit 60 agent, turnover of 80w. The program is as follows: Xiao Ming built a WeChat group, pulled 100 female friends, made a $200 red packets, a group of lively open. When Xiao Ming said: "you want more money? If I want to get more good?" after several rounds of fission, where the sum of the number of groups of up to 6000 people (the average fans 0.7 yuan). This is Xiao Ming said: "Hello, I was selling the mask, some mask to send now, interested can add my collar to WeChat!" the 140+ of people with him to receive all the mask (mask of interest "

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