5 major marketing video multiplier effect

video marketing has vivid, good communication, interactive, user precise features, is undoubtedly the first choice for future network marketing. This is a lot of network marketing friends are very recognized. However, we are in the process of video marketing operations are often feeling the effect is not very obvious. So, how should we do to quickly multiply the effect of video marketing? Here is my summary of many video marketing friends and combine their own practice summed up the effective method to share with you now, hope you can double the effect of video marketing.

we can do anything about Taoism combined, so as to play a multiplier effect. Strategies and tactics, i.e., tactics and execution. It is the wrong choice, efforts in vain. Video marketing is the same, if you feel that the video marketing is simply download the video, modify the video, upload video, then your understanding and direction is completely wrong, that is to say, the wrong way. If you want to double the effect of video marketing, first of all, from the macro for their own network marketing set a big direction, and then optimize the implementation of the level of operation. In order to achieve good results.

below I will for you from the road and the two aspects of how to increase the effect of video marketing, first said:

1, the original video

if you saw my other stuff, you will find that the production of the original video is always a principle because any Internet platform One principle runs through it all., only love original content. Yes, the production of original video is an important factor to ensure the effectiveness of video marketing doubled. If you are making the original video, Youku and other video platforms will not have too many restrictions on your video, it will not try to embarrass you. Specific performance in the audit easier to pass; give a better show and ranking, these are doubling the effectiveness of video marketing. Well, maybe you will find it difficult to make original video. In fact, everything is not absolute, what are you in to their limits. In my other article, "how to make original videos quickly," I’ll show you how to make original videos quickly and effectively. You will find that the production of the original video So that is what it is. simple.

2, optimize the video structure

we are talking about the video structure refers to the types and functions of the video. Optimize the video structure is to optimize the type and function of the video. That may be a bit abstract, for example, a company has a number of public relations, marketing, planning and other departments, these departments are part of the structure of the company, then only the company’s organizational structure combined unified external can play the best results. Similarly, the video marketing is the same, a lot of friends in the time to do video marketing, just simply download a good video to modify the rough upload back. Without considering the video content and structure. This video marketing is certainly very little effect, because I was the same, I am very clear. Unfold,

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