Yu on the network marketing strategy of integrated marketing communication network

network information dissemination speed, has become the mainstream of the mainstream crowd contact media. Sister Lotus, colourful door events, human flesh search, Sanlu milk powder incident are fully embodied in the network transmission speed. The network makes us drown in the information, the network makes the news transparent, the network makes the shopping cheap and convenient. The diversification of Internet information communication, voice, text and pictures can be copied instead of all the traditional forms of media, it has also been gradually used to obtain knowledge and information through the network, the network media has formed a strong impact on the traditional media! So, all based on network marketing integration and transmission mode began to attract enterprises concerned. Yu network that the network has become the contemporary enterprises to attract and hold the customer, marketing concept, product display characteristics, main channel of communication of market information, market driven development. With the development of network integrated marketing, more and more enterprises want to know some of the current situation and knowledge about network integrated marketing communication. Therefore, many enterprises to carry out marketing communication, the network will not miss a link. A magic weapon for a network of integrated marketing communication plan is the enterprise to win.

first, e-commerce

electronic commerce is more and more concerned by the businessman, is a big country, the convergence of businesses varied from all walks of life. Choose B2B platform to do trade, becoming the first choice for many businesses. The popularity of e-commerce has greatly improved. Choose a network of entrepreneurship, will become a major trend. A period of rapid development.

two, search engine

search engine can help you quickly find the information you want. Let your customers find you at the first time. How to attract customers is the first step, how to retain customers is the key. Grasp the two focus of search engine marketing, in order to grasp and retain the initiative to find your customers at the first time. Let the company’s Web site to become a salesman, let the customer the first time to find you, and fall in love with you!

three, forum marketing

e-commerce and search engine is the basic skills of enterprise network marketing, community marketing is the best platform for enterprise soft power. Through the activities of a large number of network interactive activities, greatly enhance the product exposure and deepen the awareness of Internet users. The tip of a network containing Yu good ideas and activities, enough to use the 42 jack.

four, blog marketing

blog itself is a good source of information, and the content of the blog determines whether there is a wide range of attention and popularity. Through the blog to share, so that the reader has formed a good interaction. Communicate with each other. Can be said to be a personal electronic business card.

five, event marketing

Internet era, also known as the eyes of the economic era. How to do event marketing. How to create events to help enterprises to enhance the brand once again triggered by the Internet advertising industry and business thinking. Public welfare marketing is the most important

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