n view of the smart home industry hot how to do a good job promotion

This new concept of intelligent

Home Furnishing products slowly gradually into the heart, the only part of the family in a second tier city. The survey shows that the smart home market in the country is still less than 10%, as well as a large part of the market, etc.. In view of the smart home industry unpopular, how to do a good job of promotion, and market development?

is currently doing marketing is divided into two parts, offline and online. For the traditional marketing mode of intelligent Home Furnishing industry line has been gradually saturated, more and more enterprises have moved to the O2O marketing model transformation. How to do a good job on the promotion of online? I am divided into three stages.

a, portal hanging vertical advertising:

this is a direct and effective way of advertising on a straight line, can give us a lot of traffic. Drawback is that too high advertising costs, advertising costs need to hang a day in the hundreds of thousands of sina, NetEase and other large portals headlines, only Tmall, Suning, shop No. 1 company to do the nouveau riche class advertisement.

We can use the Baidu

network alliance, Google alliance in the form of advertising, the advertising is the charge per click, and Baidu have cooperation in major domestic portals, Internet advertising will show the needs of the crowd. The benefits of user traffic is very directional. The disadvantage is that the display is not wide enough.

two, search engine promotion:

search engine promotion is one of the most effective way of promotion, but also a very burn promotion way. At present, the domestic search engine is divided into Baidu, 360 search, Sogou, Baidu accounted for a few market share of 60%. Search engine promotion fees and free, the following are introduced in these two forms of search engine promotion.


SEM is widely used to promote the promotion of small and medium enterprises, smart home industry in this field is very competitive, whether it is Baidu or 360 smart home industry advertising is overwhelming. Smart home industry chain so hot how to do a good job to promote SEM search engine

?First of all, do not be too persistent

keyword auction, the price of these keywords is very high, but the conversion rate is very low, the user out of the rate of 100%, etc.. How to avoid these problems we have to do is to seize the user’s needs, what the user needs to show him what we.

smart home is the industry’s key words, the word is just a navigation search word, the word to give us the value of the user is only our understanding of smart home products. Users are more likely to visit the smart home products, not to buy. So what do we need to do, such as: smart home agent, the value of smart investment, etc.. The value of these words is far greater than the smart home this keyword.

display to the user’s page is not always the home page, in addition to the popular off

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