Blog automatic footprint software to get huge traffic

when the blog users to visit someone else’s blog, it will automatically generate a recent visitor link on the other side of the blog, which is blog footprints.


we launched their own blog, as long as there is time, will go to see the visit our blog, see who visit our blog, and then the way through the record to visit each other’s footprints, blog. When we enter the other blog, if you see the other blog footprints recorded inside a star footprints records, is also open to see the star, why do you want to visit this blog.

blog is to allow the title name, which means you can open the blog and Zhao Benshan’s blog is exactly the same, you can also open the blog and Liu Huan exactly the same, when you visit blogs, visit each other’s blog on the record will be recorded with Zhao Benshan or Liu Huan to visit, then the other side the blog visitors will be very curious, why are there stars to this blog, usually more blog footprints, arrive at your station.

then according to the analysis of the above three points, if the development of an automatic step software, you can realize the automatic aggregation flow, automatic software footprints principle is software can automatically and quickly batch visit other blogs, like this step will quickly leave to large amount of blog, because it is to name a star name the blog, so the return rate is very high, the characteristics of the software program is automated, and mass, a day several tens of thousands of visits is very easy.

is not only a step to arouse people’s attention, blog content reply, can also cause the attention of others, so take a software implementation of blog batch automatic reply, is currently a common flow method, and the software is the effect of different approaches but equally satisfactory results.

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