Be vigilant! A small factor you don’t take into account will cause the company to die

As a veteran of the

investment institutions, founded in 2000 Chinese Softbank capital (SBCVC), has been cultivated for 16 years in the local Chinese. Along with the development of the industry, many organizations within the "backbone" began to move toward the stage, Softbank Chinese partner Zhou Ye is one of them.

Zhou Ye concern TMT industry long-term, has invested in a good house, TalkingData, was China net, plump, every beat car, easy loan network, octopus online tourism, Chi Yang network, salary wallet, neat street project.

at this stage, he focused on the To B market, including the two major investment themes. First, the use of the Internet and mobile Internet to transform the traditional level of the vertical industry platform opportunities two. Zhou Ye also focused on cutting-edge technology innovation companies.

Zhou ye, investment is sure to take risks, but the risk of high and low, through independent research and choice, "we try to take the risk to our estimation, we think to take some risk worth taking".

Zhou ye will play Chinese Softbank summed up as "value driven", pay attention to the nature of business. Zhou ye, cast more is To B business. He believes that, relatively speaking, To B higher barriers to the company, because the entrepreneurial team needs to have more experience and deep understanding of the industry to do a good job. Many To C, no significant barriers in the early, early into the threshold is relatively low, the competition will be more intense, often to the biggest barrier in the late in the size, which is largely the fight is the execution and play.

so, Zhou Ye is based on the "value" as the yardstick, cast he thought worth the risk of


China Softbank partner Zhou Ye told by entrepreneur & I; dark horse editor:

mining To B market opportunities

over the past two or three years and currently doing investment, mostly around the theme of the top two. First, the trading platform, the use of the Internet and mobile Internet transformation of traditional vertical industries, upgrade efficiency, especially the efficiency of the transaction level. Two enterprise service provider. Because of the social division of labor is getting smaller, more and more intense competition, enterprises have to improve the efficiency of the demand, and enterprise service providers is essential for some segments of the needs of enterprises for outsourcing services, professional professional thing, for enterprises to improve efficiency.

reason why these two themes to invest, because in recent years, there have been some trends, the decision of the To B market there is a huge investment opportunities.

is the development of the Internet from the PC to the mobile Internet, Internet penetration increased significantly.

now the phone at any time with the side, the use of longer, you can cover the scene more. Interactive model has become more diverse, the original PC era also need to learn the computer, typing must be Pinyin, a lot of

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