Do you really know how to do Baidu

Baidu Baidu is known as a large number of "son", but it is a big Baidu spoil it. A product containing keywords Baidu know it is easy to row on the head of similar sites. So, for our network promotion, Baidu know promotion is amiable, it allows us to easily get ranked, and the third tone to tell the user that certain products are very Niubi, don’t buy your big loss!

‘s Baidu knows that promotion is like a firefly in the night. You can always aim at it. So we all love to the promotion of the use of Baidu but you know, at the time of the operation is really the Baidu know promotion of development to the extreme the mighty domineering? Would you really know Baidu promotion? Answer to dry cargo.

Baidu know plans to promote the planning of the first one:


first step: find out the key words to promote products. Looking for a lot of key words, it is recommended to promote Baidu assistant keyword planning, because the inside of the statistics are the words of the user search.

example: I am good at doing product network promotion, I want to through the network to help customers to do product orders, the network promotion, then my client may search for "product network promotion" keywords, then I can through Baidu promotion assistant to expand more search words. As follows:


note: if you are other business, can be based on your industry or product keywords to expand.

second step: key words, find out the most relevant words with your business. (Note: I am too lazy, the following screenshot of the word did not have time to breakdown)


third step: according to the key words, write the corresponding promotion. Recommendations to write some, it is best not to repeat. Must be the advantages of the enterprise characteristics, strength, honor and other aspects of the full show. In order to thinking is not chaotic, you can do a logical structure.

our strengths: good execution, creativity, good product copywriting, good at sales page design,

had case: XXX companies have worked, XX enterprise keywords on the home page, such as


example: how to do the product network promotion?

A lot of network promotion methods of

products, but must not be blind to do, you’d better find a professional team or company to consult, we do Home Furnishing accessories, worked with a doer network promotion team, executive ability is very good, give us promotion brought a lot of customers. I suggest you ask them. Pure hand ha ha, I hope to help you.

fourth step: according to the specific image with copy, because the graphic display can improve the browsing rate! "

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