When the fruit micro marketing from 0 to 1 of the metamorphosis

perhaps you refresh the circle of friends, you will feel how to become a small circle of friends Taobao


everywhere advertising, selling cosmetics, as well as selling bags, selling watches, selling clothing, of which the majority of high imitation.

but you do not echocardiography: a few days ago, the police caught a lot of people in the circle of friends to sell high imitation. Next, there will be a series of severe attacks, including the ban from WeChat.

but don’t hit you: WeChat is a circle of friends, or just open the gold.

as long as you do the sun, positioning themselves, do not send ads, do a good job, whether it is to create a personal brand, or sell products, there will be unexpected harvest.

in the previous chapter, I wrote: positioning, copywriting, customer and maintenance. That today I will analyze a case, from several points in the comb, thoroughly exposing Mongolia at the WeChat above that layer of mystery.

today’s log of the protagonist, WeChat nickname: fruit large, micro signal: up2013186 character signature: I do not sell fruit, is a high-end atmosphere on the level of quality of conscience


now let’s look at a few points.

first: positioning.

look at the most basic three point positioning: Avatar, nickname and background wall.

first picture:


nickname: when fruit. Hear when you first feel, what is


this nickname is not easy to remember and easy to shape the brand.

which has two points: one is the fruit of a large. The fruit is very clear on the product, when we associate the beauty behind the WeChat account.

head, fruit is used to own her head, suddenly had a degree of trust. And was originally a beauty, beauty in WeChat to sell fruit, but also a bright spot.

background: let’s take the fruit when the background wall, you will find that she is hard to do this one.


how many bright spots did you see on this background wall, you, your heart?

and then is a personalized signature: I sell not fruit, is the quality of the upper atmosphere of the quality of conscience!

this is the fruit of their most clear positioning when


in fact, I think a lot of friends to see this picture, we have seen a lot of things on the positioning of the.

a lot of things, I only do this, you can play for free.

it’s important: just

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