From the 19 floor want to get married channel to see the marketing promotion of the column constr

imperceptibly, friends are thinking of getting married this event, they go to the most common is the site of some wedding photography, and then look at some information, find some information, this article, is to find some knowledge in their marriage, and found the 19lou plate to do or get married very good, so I want to get married from this sector of the industry, some basic problem of column construction, some of the station that can give friends some basic tips.

the first point: wedding banquet arrangements Hotel

in the event of our lives, the treat is a must, then the hotel is also a choice we have to go through a test, in the 19lou plate, we can see the following figure in the hotel sector.

in this sector, we can see some of the characteristics of the hotel area, we can also see some characteristics of married people should know how to get the hotel dishes, dishes of their content in the banquet, and the seating arrangements, Western-style drinks and so on, for all are predictable, and these must be married through the process, after all, a two person marriage only once, everyone wants to have a luxury, also let oneself better through such a process; and the general hotel also needs to choose some places, the wedding venue is to meet your needs, your values, etc. you need to personally test, so the hotel arrangements for this one is certainly needed, but in the eyes of many people, their own marriage, so that all Should be allowed to do their own hands, the perfect marriage.

second points: photographic arrangement for decorative area

to get married every friend want to have a perfect wedding dress, the most important point in this is the wedding industry, after all, a qualified wedding photography website, do the necessary color rendering is on the way, so these can be obtained by the following arrangement, as shown below. The layout of

is 19lou


in this picture we can see some famous photography structure, and they shoot videos, from here you can see, about photography, the most important is to beat on the vision, and word-of-mouth publicity, so in 19lou we click on a beautiful picture to look into it you can get the following


today is 21, you can see in the figure, the post after the recommendation, then put the plates on the page, just got so much publicity, but a little publicity can let other people feel beautiful to let me send the address and clothing prices, have to say the most beautiful wedding picture things from the other side also highlights, photography is the strength of the competition, is the ladder of progress.


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