New sites to make good use of Post Bar


station is just on the line, more traffic is considerable encouragement and motivation of their own, so my has been on the line for a month, the day ip700+.

is just beginning to use the domain name is who wants to do a happy website who. Later saw the Digg mode, add the corresponding Digg module. At the beginning of the promotion in the Post Bar post, but less than one afternoon can not be made, as long as your URL link containing the reply is not published, it also can not be impatient, but indeed but to the expensive traffic. At present, to meet her vanity. I want to say is Post Bar can bring a lot of traffic, but we should pay attention to the number and frequency of the post, don’t let the baidu resentment, that would backfire, hehe. I stand in the middle of the brush, now basically do not brush, the function of the website will develop more humane, webmaster and I think I will often.

thank you, for the first time published articles, some rush!

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