Long Xiangyu share investment promotion experience and investment links

investment promotion work is the company or website must experience things, because we are brand discount mall online direct marketing platform vendors, manufacturers need to fashion brands in the mall, so have the opportunity to contact Investment Promotion work.

for this work, has been in the exploration and practice, often this time effort, preliminary effect has been out (2011.1.7 Nuomai held Zhuzhou large businesses), now share the dry cargo investment promotion work experience and investment links.

a. Industry analysis

first determine the site which belong to the industry? Then understanding and analysis for this industry (this fact and I said before analysis platform is very similar)! I want to Nuomai network for business belongs to the online shopping industry, so I made a detailed analysis on the online shopping. For example: the current situation of the development of online shopping industry, online shopping user analysis, etc..


(investment information sharing)

two. Website analysis

website analysis, is to carry out a comprehensive analysis of their site, so that users at a glance. I mainly from the site introduction, site positioning, website advantages, such as analysis, the advantages of the site to increase the intensity of the analysis, concise and let users know that we can join the site to bring a lot of profit.


(investment information sharing)

three. Investment proposal

1 investment theme: our website theme is "the investment" Nobel "thousand million to buy" wheat "in which the", the name of the web site included in the inside, and attention. So in determining the theme, try to contain the name of the site or company name, so that it can play a certain promotional effect.

2 investment policy: the object of investment first, if the legitimate business, and then to meet the interests of consumers and the site. During the investment must have free policy, increase the attractiveness of the user. For example: free to join, free promotion and so on, because the free stuff is the most love users, of course this is just the initial stage of the policy, such as the franchisee to reach a certain degree, also want to join the user of course to collect fees, after all websites need to profit to survive.


(investment information sharing)

four. Investment promotion

more than three links (industry analysis, site analysis, investment program) after the completion of the final work is propaganda, it is an important link, because the propaganda strength can affect the overall effect. As for how to promote, it is against the pros and cons of their own website to promote it!

PS: each link is closely linked, the link is very important to deal with, no matter which link >

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