How to accurately launch online advertising

SEO (search engine optimization) SEM (search engine marketing) by more and more companies attach importance to. The SEM is built on the basis of SEO, some of the emerging Internet companies and websites is mostly used in the new domain, familiar with SEO webmaster and related practitioners in the new domain regardless of Baidu or weight in Google are very low.

maybe you will think of some solutions such as the purchase of some old domain name, which refers to the cost and brand image. You can’t buy a domain name that doesn’t fit your brand or spend most of your company’s money to buy a seemingly good domain name. This is a very irrational behavior for an entrepreneurial network company.

so how to promote the network? Of course, the answer is: put on the network advertising! Then how to carry out effective advertising? Of course, is a selective advertising for the precise. Just like the original website source code of the website blossom everywhere, owing to the initial development of the network, the network rapid development and prosperity, so a lot of space needs a huge amount of IDC during the development and growth of up. To the present due to the reasons for the record and so on a variety of policies, coupled with the site’s fierce competition and saturation of various sites and then to the source station advertising has been difficult to have a good effect. So now the IDC are concentrated in a number of webmasters to put ads, such as outdated, Admin5, ChinaZ these are the focus of the IDC. This type of Web site is a high degree of collective and active place, the ads can be accurate and have a strong. More BBS and SNS this platform is very useful for the promotion of communication. It is a lot of advertising alliance in this advertising.

some small advertising because of the promotion and the start-up period, because of some crooks reason of alliance these new small alliance tend not to be the webmaster trust, encountered a lot of trouble and difficulties in the early promotion. Often due to improper customer service or some technical problems caused by some owners dissatisfied, and lost a lot of webmasters and credibility greatly reduced, or even malicious slander opponents. So choose a good advertising platform coupled with user communication on this platform is a very good choice. Take due to the introduction of new and unique way of settlement, with a lot of ways to promote trust are not subject to the webmaster. When the put in advertising after the Amin5 brand strength and A5 forum communication platform to attract a large number of webmaster to join, save a lot of money and energy for promotion.

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