Family the complete QQ space method


family yesterday to introduce the QQ group promotion methods 14 strokes, the family today in the promotion method for everyone secret QQ space

since you came to this page, please leave your shadow, let more friends know you is not a good thing. You can comment on family to write better articles please be careful evaluation.

today to introduce the first family, play QQ space can go to open a canary, open the Canary can go to Taobao above purchase, probably a bag is 10 yuan. Price does not return, very affordable. Also in the A5 process to group purchase group purchase for a yellow diamond lattice membership information, if you want to learn the brush drill method, can look at the forum to study the distinguished brush drill method. Forum will be out of this tutorial

think of the QQ space promotion method, I thought of the female, the first with the front of the QQ mass promotion method, looking for directional customers. So how to promote QQ space to get targeted customers?

in fact, this is also very simple, the premise is that we will write soft Wen, it will not, go to copy and then change, will be copied on the line.

1:QQ log promotion method

mentioned in front of the copy is to know how to get to the major sites with some of your theme related information to your space, to attract your customers to pay attention to you. Network master understand I think we are very clear, others in his space log to make a soft Wen advertising is 3000 yuan, we can think about this is why?

our QQ space represents a person’s authority, representing a person’s character, representing a person’s good or bad. It also represents a person’s quality. If you are a woman and not a boyfriend or a suitable object is not found, you can keep your QQ space well, I think the lady-killer has a habit, if you see the female QQ first thing is to open the estimation of female QQ space, so QQ is a space provided a tool the best high conversion rate, as long as we make good use of QQ space, so basically every customer orientation from you can make your QQ space for direct conversion off. Here I only provide ideas, how to do to improve the conversion rate? The family will be explained in the video operation method.

2:QQ space album promotion method

QQ is no stranger to family photo album you? I think we should also clearly understand oneself have a habit, that is to chat or add QQ into space is used to go to the next space album, the first is to see the master of space long, second to see this space master life record. It is our album an indispensable tool, my suggestion is that you can put some of his own illuminated a description and watermark, such as: get a picture description of this writing, a record 1 million orders in a Guangdong restaurant I successfully negotiated as.

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