Hu Guangcheng from the red child PPG to the United States see the rise of China’s B2C industry

at the end of the 2 with the home appliance chain industry in the United States announced to predators B2C online retail industry, the domestic B2C market will change again.

although it has been nearly two years of attempts, but this time the United States finally decided to launch a decisive battle in the B2C market, in 2008, the United States will tilt the group’s strength to promote its development in the B2C market. He Yangqing, vice president of Gome group made it clear that three years later, the United States in the B2C market to achieve annual sales of tens of billions of dollars, the United States and the group to become a new profit point in the home appliances, communications and other services.

the United States in our daily lives can not be familiar with the brand today to develop B2C business, this move allows us to China’s future prospects for the development of B2C is a confidence and motivation. Through the United States such a news, we can simply look at China’s B2C industry.

mentioned China’s B2C, her aura is not as much as their other two brothers (B2B and C2C) as dazzling and excellent, but she may indeed be the direction of future development of China’s e-commerce. Chinese B2C industry has been in a steady development, after we all are very familiar with the mall, Dangdang, excellence, Jingdong in their respective fields has made considerable development and obtain capital market recognition. Has been due to the scale and profit is not proportional to the high cost of logistics and distribution has become a bottleneck restricting the development of B2C sites, so that China’s B2C industry is taking a hard road to the thorns. However, with the gradual maturity of the logistics industry and norms and mature mode of operation, the bottleneck is basically not a problem. In addition, due to the B2C after-sales service is guaranteed, clear profit model, support cash on delivery, logistics system, and other characteristics, but also laid the foundation for his long-term development.

Analysys International had forecast, 2008 to 2011, the market size of the average annual B2C growth rate will reach 31.27%, 2011 Chinese B2C market will reach 13 billion 600 million yuan. But this figure is still relatively conservative. If we continue to develop in accordance with the current situation, by 2011 China’s B2C market size will far exceed this figure.

here we take to run the red child of maternal and child products, red children since its inception in 2004, the use of its special directory + Internet marketing tools to create a stunning results. Through its strong loyal customers and the steady growth of the consumer groups will now expand to Home Furnishing commodity supplies, cosmetics and 3C products, the product line can be seen from the elongated horizontal development trend. Its prospects are generally optimistic.

PPG’s success is also in 2007 by the Chinese e-commerce sector is called a surprise, through Internet sales of men’s shirts, omitting the shop rent pressure the traditional business model, limited funds will be used in the most useful place. Through the control of marketing costs and efficient mode of operation, in one fell swoop over the YOUNGOR shirt >

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