The development of industry website from the legal website

Chinese at the end of June 2008, the number of Internet users reached 253 million people, the data can be seen from the convenience of more and more people realize the Internet, with the decline in the cost of Internet devices and improve the income level, the Internet is gradually into thousands of households. Such a huge group contains unlimited business opportunities, legal websites as a vertical website to provide legal services to promote the development of China’s network economy. In this paper, the author analyzes the development trend of the industry vertical website from the angle of the legal website.

care network — legal portal

care network ( was founded in 2004, is the first to establish a legal website. Since, despite nets from the official opening of sharp enterprising, pioneering online legal services market, with advanced management concept of customer service, leading the development of Internet technology and science, quickly become the most professional legal service platform and legal community approach.

care network occupies most of the domestic legal market share, good brand awareness, and become the leading legal portal.

corporate legal network – online legal counsel for small and medium enterprises

The door is different from the network

apartment layout in the operation mode, the enterprise legal network ( is focused on providing legal solutions for small and medium sized enterprises.

The legal

in-house under the net Witkey take advantage of Internet to provide written and revised contract for small and medium-sized enterprises, legal documents drafting and other legal services. Provides a convenient way to cross platform network, enterprises can stay at home to enjoy legal services, solve the enterprise in the operation of the Department of legal risk.

In addition to this,

has also adopted a profit model different from other legal websites. The traditional legal website provided by page promotion advertising and membership fees mode for lawyers, and the corporate legal network uses and lawyers into the model of charge, is charged into the source according to the effect. At the same time, for small and medium-sized enterprises through the legal system to solve the legal problems, but also enjoy 10% of the commission fee return. This is a benefit of the three party profit model, that lawyers, businesses, websites benefit from three parties, and through a good credit system to ensure good operation.

lawyer search network — foreign legal The climate does not suit one. website

search network ( is a lawyer LexisNexis’s China version, 2006 to enter the Chinese market, but from the entire operation, like other foreign websites like not out of the vicious circle of The climate does not suit one. From the website brand, market share, profitability and other aspects are lagging behind the domestic legal website.

lawyer Drawnet in domestic development is slow, but with the international background, if its adjustment strategy, market positioning and accurate, is still underestimated.

Law Library — the online bookstore of law industry

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