Kun Peng Theory from the media to the original 6 cheats to help you break the original predicament


file from the media, will have to mention the original content, original content from the media is certainly the most competitive advantage and establish their own, is most likely to influence the way we look at the media currently influential, all depend on the influence of the original building.

but for the majority of people from the media, the original is a very troublesome thing, not all people from the media media experience, also is not each people from the media has a good ability to control the text.

In fact, the original

content is not so difficult to imagine, as from the media, not necessarily that like a long and minute statement writing papers, brief, humor is also a good original style, and even some typo, some grammar mistakes are not innocuous, as long as they can form their own style of OK.

below Kun Peng talk about the original content of the 6 methods, as long as one of them, you can do the original content:

a, text

text class is the most basic form of content, compared with the traditional media content, since the media content requirements are much simpler, mainly reflected in two core levels:

is the first word content from the media does not need too much, because the phone screen area is limited, word control in 1000 words is very good;

followed by the content does not need to be too esoteric, because the content control in 1000 words or less, it is not easy to clarify the complex issues. And when the user is reading the contents of the phone, basically the use of fragmented time, can not allow users to burn too much brain.

if the text is relatively small, appears to be very short, how to do?

is a good solution:

multi segmented



as long as the master of these two methods, even if only 500 words of the article, you can also look very rich".

Internet is a mobile Internet era, especially, can be equipped with a picture for each paragraph, such content seemed to be more abundant. And users will not feel tired to read.

but to the article with the map, it is best to be related to the content of the article, do not have some special pictures.

two, interview

If the content of

to write 500 words for you is relatively difficult, it can be used in this way way is to do the interview. For the positioning of the media and the areas involved, you can go to interview the relevant experts, celebrities, interviews with the relevant business executives, executives, interviews with industry practitioners, interviews with users, etc..


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