2 years later today to talk about the development of local supermarket personal views

in 2012 of September, I wrote an article on the development of the supermarket, published in the Pizhou forum, called "today’s ten meters a supermarket, talk about the personal views of the development of the supermarket". You can look at this article, the article is mainly to explain the supermarket industry competition, according to a few years ago to the supermarket delivery summary experience, but also predict the future development of the supermarket model. To June 27, 2014 is now nearly two years, in the past two years, the competition between the supermarket can be said to be more intense. Can promote the development of the supermarket is not a magic weapon, just like buy site, the loss is just a businessman. Today, Shao Lianhu will give you talk about the future of the development of the supermarket to say the idea (only about small supermarkets).


traditional supermarket by service, cheap products to attract customers

used to tell you that the article is mainly through the boss’s services and products to attract customers, so now I give you say is an innovative model. Society has been in progress, but some people do not know the society has changed, but also in accordance with the traditional thinking of the development of supermarkets. How can a street so much why customers to your supermarket shopping in the supermarket? Because new products or cheap or good service, or fresh food supermarket? You said you are cheap, someone’s supermarket is cheap, you say your home service, family service better than you. So, when it’s all over, we’re going to use a new way to win customers.

supermarket big fish eat small fish era has come

before Shao Lianhu bought everything on the village street, the light is the size of the supermarket is five. But I only went to the house where I used to go. However, since I got married, I have not been to the shopping mall for a few years. Are driving to the supermarket shopping Pizhou tongcheng. A few days shopping, a few big bags to carry home. There’s a car now, and it’s convenient. From Xu Tang to Tongcheng supermarket, light is five Xu Tang has a supermarket, supermarket gate Wu Cai Shi sail (also larger), there are two or three supermarkets in six road, there are many small supermarket traffic police brigade, and four that there are several large supermarkets. So many supermarkets, I only Tongcheng shopping, because this is Tongcheng from me recently, a big supermarket. Slowly, they are accustomed to, but also to do a membership card, although Wu gate, Xu Tong are far away, but still like the big supermarket shopping.


above is some shopping in the supermarket that Shao Lianhu give everybody nonsense. Here to give you some of their own views on the development of the supermarket, said the bad also please forgive me, but the idea, good and bad is that we consider ourselves.

first, the supermarket o2o mode imperative

so what is o2o? Baidu encyclopedia explanation is: O2O is Online To Offline (online offline / online to offline), means

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