Auction mall promotion program

auction mall and the mall almost, in addition to cheap prices still flash sale characteristics, usually using a yuan price price advantage to attract customers, usually the promotion method was also summarized below summarize.

1, shopping network promotion

in the major shopping sites to release some information, if there is a store, then make good use of the store to do the relevant links and content, it is best to do a good point, with the vision to catch the eye of others. This is the most advantageous method because of low commodity prices. As well as to the relevant industry website release information. However, many people think that the work is boring and tired, it is really troublesome to upload, but it is necessary to do.

2, soft Wen promotion

a good original soft Wen can make you get twice the result with half the effort, this work is very necessary. How to write the soft text of the online mall? I think it can be written from the two angles of pre-sale and after-sale. Pre-sale is around the introduction of the product, the use of methods, functions and other aspects of the use of skills to write. After sale is some of the advantages of products, maintenance of customer service category of the article. You can also add some hot news topics, or entertainment of a class of essays, can better attract people, slowly attracted good traffic. Remember to submit to the relevant information on the web site to attract more people to pay attention to.

3, blog promotion

blog promotion needs to pay attention, do not write a lot of advertising information, so it is easy to be blocked, try to improve the credibility of the personal information, blog, blog to create experts in related fields, the best is original content.

4, Forum promotion

In fact,

and blog promotion almost, but because it is a lot of people to communicate, so try to stand on the user’s point of view, so that not only will not delete, but also improve your visibility.

5, CO promotion

such as advertising cooperation, recommend goods, etc.. In the well-known website can attract a lot of traffic. Usually pay a certain fee, but this work can bring a lot of business opportunities.

6, link

high quality links can not only enhance the site’s permissions, but also indirectly led to traffic.

7 to maintain the final, do not care about it, it is best to make a table record, including the site name, user name password and other information.

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