What does your website attract customers

for SEO, let ten thousand people visit your site is easy to do, but let the 5000 people visit your site again, it is very difficult. So it is necessary to consider what you need to attract your users to visit your site again, of course, updated every day, unique content is very important.

attract 5 aspects of your users:

one, relying on gorgeous page to attract the user’s eye

Although the

website content is very important, but remember, not a good visual enjoyment, will let your visitors feel your website in addition, remember to let you dull as ditch water, the page compatible system used by each individual.

two, rely on a steady stream of information to attract your users

Why do

users visit your site for the second time because there’s something he needs, so you need to update the content of the site to provide new content to your visitors.

three, your content must be valuable

each person’s time is precious, so do not have some of the content of the value of the user to deal with you, so you can only give your website to improve the jump out rate.

four, website open speed

site to open fast, so the user experience and search engine is a very important aspect. Nobody wants to spend 2 minutes waiting for the page to open.

five, increase interactivity

according to authoritative survey, more and more visitors want to have interactive content, they see what they want to do, so you can add a forum, or you can comment on the article, etc.. These allow users to participate, so that they are interested in landing your page again.

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