Red tiger look at the network marketing who stole the cheese

red tiger: look at the network marketing who stole a long shot of cheese?


in A5 recently saw an article "the running of the Jiang Hui and his marketing empire" with deep feeling, objective evaluation is a long and far for a long time, Chen Huimin, and Chen Huimin actually did not do what the "lie", it is 240 yuan of money you lied to me? Don’t think, at least I personally have earned back the 240 yuan, but why is that people will long be scolded? Is the "fall" or "gun fight bird" for a long time, exactly who robbed the cheese? Will make so many people envy?


e-book marketing for a long time

is now long words a person on the Internet is very fire, but the fire of his " " but his efforts are inseparable, the look of the small plate of man is a powerful force and awe inspiring, this to their own rules of each month to write 10 words is written an e-book, the cumulative downloads has reached millions of e-books. It is these e-books, let me for the first time to contact Jiang Hui, to understand his experience in the Internet business. In fact in the higher love to write an ebook marketing there are so many people, such as Wang Zijie, Wang Tong, understand, but can write so much and widely spread, the e-book to maximize the value of the estimate is now only one long. It should be said that a long time for the benefit of the team is now able to develop to this scale, a long time should not be able to e-book marketing.

I also joined the team for a long time, the motivation is very funny, I give a cast of "the vote", just want to let the students for a long time in the sales volume to win over Chen Huimin, according to a number of students in Chen Huimin said that sales is the first, then look at long talk so late so hard also began to move hidden side of the heart, determined to help a long, say 240 yuan is not much, go in and see what’s the same line, also joined at the team. However, so far, I do not have a proxy for the benefit of the exchange of products, so I do not have the right to give who the motivation.

long time marketing strategy analysis

now people talk about for a long time, cannot do without Wangzhuan and SEO these two aspects, a team now has basically monopolized nearly all relevant Wangzhuan keywords, and behind each Wangzhuan home page are a marketing video access port; while SEO is more terror, more than and 200 provinces and cities across the country, is a team take the SEO ranked first in the city has hundreds of. If this is a long time the national layout of the Internet strategy in two areas, and now has done is very effective. Because both quantity and quality, the other team are hard to match higher. I heard a student or a husband, his partner Chen Huimin (co-founder of Xicihutong) students is only, thus only in the SEO industry’s influence is how far-reaching. Of course, I also had to learn the knowledge of the husband only SEO, the only impression of the husband

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