How to develop personal webmaster 09 years of new sites

09 years, coincided with the economic crisis, all walks of life will be greatly affected. However, Alibaba’s leading Ma for this evaluation: the winter of the enterprise, the spring of the personal webmaster."

09 years is destined to be a year of personal development, if the choice of development direction is good, so long as you pay a certain amount of time you can get a huge return. So what is the direction of development?

We first analyze the

, "QQ", before forget to read a post where there is, as long as the QQ is not closed, then on the QQ forums and websites are very fire, but this is the truth? How many developed and those who do not have the development? The webmaster, they are looking for opportunities, but most of the QQ users are those attracted to fire up the site, and then become their loyal members.

but there are still a lot of owners also have a glimmer of hope, but QQ this piece of cheese has been carved up by a large number of rats. Even if you can get, but also the dregs of their mouth, huh, huh, and then click on the game class forum, this is relatively simple. Each game has its own official website and forums, and most of the game players are the most important place to communicate is the official website, so this piece of cheese has lost more than half. The most important point is that if you want to make a game, then you must do fine and all, but it will cost a lot of energy and resources, development is obviously not suitable for individual owners, so we PASS him.

I do not have other examples, because the situation is almost the same, in short, if the direction of the development of a large cheese, then the cheese has been carved out of the. Of course there is a way, that you have a lot of money to money, they put the cheese out (may not be appropriate, about the meaning of this way), 2008 of the third Xuzhou Internet industry conference and held the 12.28 master general assembly, compared to many owners are aware of this matter, I must not say it so what, yes, it indicates the development opportunity to the local station, local stations how


let me give you an example, that is, I just do the forum, as well as some of the ways to be implemented.

I do is Xinyi city forum, I checked some information on the Internet, Xinyi city called Wuguo bell in the Eastern Zhou period, early in the Neolithic age, here is one of the key areas of human ancestors. In the ten thousand years before the late Paleolithic to the next stage, an active human Yihe and Shuhe River Basin and its vicinity, chipped stone tools where the hills north town in Xinyi province and was hunting. 990 thousand of the total population (Rich Internet population), Su Lu border area of emerging traffic hub and business travel center, Jiangsu new industrial city, Jiangbei only "three grade a class of central city" and "East Longhai line third city.

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