The next 315 nternet home improvement how to avoid being on the list

CCTV 315 has come to an end, around the hungry public relations strategy and launched a discussion, the company may be happy, because it has shifted some of the attention. So all in all kinds of tricky to Jiezhuang industry will be CCTV exposure, I think not, water is too small, a listed Jiezhuang enterprise revenue last year is 2 billion 300 million yuan, net profit of about 5%.


joke is a joke, but in other words, how can the home improvement companies to avoid being on the list? How to build their own reputation experience? What will happen


home improvement good reputation why so difficult?

traditional word of mouth marketing refers to the enterprise through friends, relatives of the exchange of their own product information or brand spread.

home improvement in the end there is a word of mouth, there are surveys show that the user choose the main basis for the decoration company in the reputation of 77.68%. The user has nothing to do with the reputation of the decoration company is the proportion of the number of issues, the main reason is that the process is difficult to control, too many variables.

was born with a high degree of concern

this is decided by the home consumption characteristics, off a single high, long cycle, home-based users full of joy with longing for new homes is not hard to blame, spent so much money, must know the progress. There is even a day and 30 kilometers to the user to look at the construction site, only peace of mind. It also reflects the distrust between the user and the decoration company, some users will employ third party supervision to supervisor. So, in the high degree of attention of users, flaws and problems will be easier to find, hiding the first day, can not hide fifteen.

two is a do not have

may come to naught

decoration is a difficulty in the whole process of experience, understanding, signing, design, construction, supervision and other materials, each link has a lot of details, one did not do a good job details may affect the user experience, even if finally completed 99%, but the 1% is out of the question, the user it is difficult because of your hard work and praise. Even if good talk, do not complain, but want to introduce gone that paradoxical experience has little meaning.

three is trying to consume high cost

in high cost home industry users try to consume, once done, poor reputation will affect the people around, showing a geometric amplification effect. So we must do the first attempt of crowd service, the signing of the details and front floor service, customer service feedback should pay attention to.

four home improvement industry is currently no brand

home improvement industry has a brand, of course, the brand is not only well-known, even if it is estimated that many users do not have much decoration company concept.

brand is the externalization of a value system in the consumer mind. Strong brand is strong, in fact, consumer awareness and a strong sense of belonging. >

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