Zhu Zerong service provider BLOCKOUTS across the board consumer complaint

written in the A5 forum where the room was closed. 8 see Figure king QQ signed "this is not as management", is preparing to write an article on the same day, the evening of 8, the A5 forum once again trapped room block.

as long as the legitimate business practitioners should be protected to undermine the legal problem of no mercy. However, all levels of government departments and enterprises should be strictly to prevent the one size fits all phenomenon, which undermines the government’s public trust, damage to the interests of citizens, but also to some enterprises by the government in the name of the interests of consumers.

at the moment, Nanjing Liu Xing (a pseudonym) is again and again to refresh the browser, constantly trying to fight through the server, so he has repeated operation of hundreds of times, two days and nights, he hope that a miracle can appear, his personal website can return to normal access, but it also seems to be in vain. Due to illegal Internet and bad information reporting center is being rectified, Internet access service providers are worried about the problem, shut down the entire computer room. Such as Liu Xing, in after graduation from University, choose the network business, build your own web site, some small business products, or rely on Web traffic get into advertising, or engage in some people network consulting or service at someone, it can be said that the Internet has at least solve the problem of employment of millions. But this "blanket" type of room block, brought him into trouble, do not know should choose what kind of life tomorrow.

Gift businessman

Zheng Hua of Zhejiang (a pseudonym) is now in distress, in order to sell their own gift factory production and sales of products, he looking for Shanghai website construction company set up its own corporate website, in the past mainly rely on foreign trade for Zheng Hua, the reform of the RMB exchange rate and the global economic crisis last year, he will the market turned to domestic, is trying to gain a foothold. Just and foreign businessmen agree on a large amount of the business, the whole plant jishihaoren counting on the order of wages, may be unable to access the site, in the twinkling of an eye, the guests of Zheng Hua enterprises have been questioned, Zheng Hua asked to call the website of the company, the answer is: room block. Interrupt server access, what time to recover, absolutely ignorant of. Everything seems to be no sign, but this block like homely food, who will bear the loss, Zheng Huayi face, don’t know how to explain to wait for the wages of employees.

"one size fits all" seems to be a very traditional and backward management style, it seems far away from us, in analogy with the actual situation, in the same way to deal with the problem. The interpretation of the term refers to the "one size fits all" popular in the 80s of last century, when it was thought to be a bureaucratic way of thinking, not specific analysis of specific affairs, the same treatment. This way of thinking of the loss of the work is very obvious, so against the "one size fits all" voice has been very high, everything once taken "one size fits all", will immediately be condemned, or lead to a large number of disputes. As a historical term, the word seems to be forgotten by people.

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