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mobile Internet era, Baidu still can rice no


has thrown this question to Robin Li for more than a year. Although the mobile Internet era has just begun, all in water exploration, but in this field about the future strategy of post war, people are not the same as the request of Baidu. Some people say that Baidu has entered the historic turn channel".


Baidu is considering new tactics. Voice will be the mobile Internet Iguchi Nouchi." Robin Li attaches importance to Baidu voice project.

search, input method, voice assistant as the core, Baidu is trying to redefine the mobile era search.

semantic recognition, artificial intelligence, which is newly established this year, Baidu in the history of the first Academy of "deep learning" project is the main research direction, and this project by Robin Li personally responsible for.

has a temperament of the technology elite, returnees sent Robin Li, a recent speech stressed that "love behind".

this time, Baidu really striking, or issued after the system in


voice search: from information to service

mobile era need to redefine the search." Not long ago, in charge of communication with the Department of Baidu multimedia Kay Kay learned that the voice of the online search for the year has accounted for 10% of the entire mobile search traffic.

voice will be one of the mobile Internet portal

questions to reporters, Yu Kai stressed that voice interactive technology has made intelligent, cloud breakthrough, "the voice search is different from the traditional search mode, not based on several key words unrelated to the feedback results, but can understand the user instructions to complete a complete task."

although Baidu mobile Internet strategy has been questioned, but in fact, mobile phone users still can not do without search. But unlike PC, most of the search on the phone from the browser to enter, after entering the search engine is still Baidu.

under the impact of APP, has been called the opponent no entrance Baidu is still growing rapidly on the client. According to data provided by Baidu, Baidu APP as the main application of Baidu mobile search users not only the total billions of dollars, even within a year soared 72 times.

now, the voice function has been integrated in the Baidu search client. In the past year, voice search has accounted for 10% of the entire mobile search traffic.

user support for voice search, the growth of real data, to give more confidence to the team.

in fact, the current voice interaction technology has begun to mature, smart phones provide interactive voice applications have been very rich, voice search, voice input method, >

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