The domestic group purchase website February increased 100 market will face a brutal reshuffle

1288 group purchase network recently into a refund crisis, consumers have said that he was attracted by the huge discount website, buy Adidas shoes and other goods, but has not received the goods, since consumers have demanded a refund, but the amount to be returned to the site registered account but not by now.

according to incomplete statistics, from March to two months of the time, the Chinese market appeared on the hundreds of group buying site. However, due to the low threshold, buy site is easy to copy, the quality of service is difficult to ensure that the Internet has made use of "buy" to deceive consumers. Insiders worried that the domestic market is still in the early stages of the development of the site, many buy site is difficult to buy once a month, or face the collapse of the tide after the entrepreneurial tide.

November 2008 to last month, the U.S. buy site Groupon only spent a year and a half, on a $1 billion 350 million valuation myth. Good imitation of the Chinese Internet start-ups seem to find a new gold mine".

according to the reporter, with focus on the SNS community website Qianxiang interactive group also announced the day before, its group purchase website "rice" officially launched, at the same time, venture capital also began to pay attention to the new China group purchase network, including 24 coupons, handles and other domestic group purchase websites have announced that the huge investment of venture capital.

data show that from March to two months of this year in May, the domestic group buying site appeared hundreds, at present, the Chinese market has more than 1000 buy site. However, due to the low cost of inputs, most of the sites are low levels of repeat construction, so that the development of the site is facing three problems.

development faces three problems

problem: website uneven in quality

as long as several people and a few computer cost, group purchase site entry threshold is very low, but the reporter learned that, at present there are some specialized technical personnel to do the background module group purchase website sale price, probably as long as several thousand yuan.

According to media reports Li Kaifu

, former president of Google Greater China has said is not optimistic about the group purchase website, innovation works its after Groupon launched its investigation for half a year, eventually abandoned the project development in china. According to the reporter, because the funds needed is not much, but the technical threshold is not high, many university graduates choose the network group purchase group purchase website business, resulting in uneven in quality.

said the domestic network group purchase 000 network president Wang Chuandong an interview with this reporter, the network group purchase threshold is low at present appear large, this is not a bad thing, the key is the market to really do it.

problem two: service can not keep up with

domestic buy site just emerging, coupled with a lot of sites due to the lack of funds and manpower, many buy site to buy in the service and buy after the consumer service

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