The 2009 Jiangxi conference and the Jiangxi nternet webmaster forum held in December 12th

Effect of

economic crisis is over, Chinese Internet economy again won the development, which is known as "Tianbao, outstanding" reputation in Jiangxi Province, the Internet economy has made rapid progress, many famous sites has become the industry leader in the Internet, and will continue to affect the development of the country the Internet economy, made more remarkable achievements.

review of previous years in various regions of Jiangxi province Internet webmaster gathering, although the scale is not big but let the participants feel a lot of benefits. This time by the owners and the club sponsors, Jiangxi and Chinese stationmaster alliance whole network hosted the 2009 Jiangxi conference and the Jiangxi Internet webmaster forum will be held in the picturesque Jiangxi capital of Nanchang Province, there will be a total of 500 grassroots webmaster "profit and promotion" website that currently most concerned about the grassroots webmaster topic. Will, there will be from the influential well-known webmaster guests on stage gave a wonderful unique point of view, the interactive link and set up in-depth exchanges, that will make the many webmaster Jiangxi province Tongren benefit.

hope that through this meeting can let more webmaster Tongren cooperate actively, to communicate and exchange, and common progress, to promote the rapid development of the business community, to promote the China Internet economy. With the development of local network, meeting organized local stations, institutions website, the well-known website and the webmaster together to explore the profit and development of the website, at the same time show special stationmaster is bound to lead to smoke more participants of the enthusiastic participation of the event by the network live webcast.

annual meeting place: Nanchang

annual meeting time: December 12, 2009

annual meeting official website:    


in the first half

9:00–10:30 vertical and local communities and marketing opportunities

10:30–11:00 Discuz! Operation and two development experience

11:00–10:30 from zero start successful operation UCHome

11:30–12:00 Baidu alliance optimization promotion techniques Xiangjie

second half:

13:30-18:00 agenda announced a week before the official website

annual meeting:

organizer: This is the website webmaster club

co organizer: Jiangxi Information Port 076 Jiangxi recruitment network game network CMS network Admin5 network owners by

.Organizer: Jiangxi

webmaster alliance Yanhuang network

planning publicity: Jiang culture "

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