Why Alipay must make it very difficult to social and will continue to do so

Abstract: following the 9 comprehensive Copy WeChat "circle of friends", the 9.9 version of Alipay in the "may know" this module actually used the design of lateral drag mainstream social software "instgram" and Facebook, truly horizontal and 360 degrees vertically without dead corner.

last week, Alipay launched 9.9.

to tell the truth, this revision, with plastic surgery to describe may not be appropriate. We can use a larger scale of words to describe, for example: degeneration.

look, Alipay has been determined, in this way social Sike in the end.

many friends blame Alipay product manager is what to eat medicine, make such "unbelievable" products, but they may be wrong about the product manager of alipay.

please believe, for Alipay such amount of product, similar to the 9 revision and 9.9 such a decision is absolutely not be struck dumb, and a small PD (Ali to address the product manager) can do it. Such an important decision, there is no "top" instructions can not be completed.

we might as well make a bold prediction here –

first, personally, our long-term decline Alipay’s social road.

then, we think, even knowing that not too reliable, Ali and Alipay also will be in the "social", or say a little, "entrance" is the way to go.

this article, we will specifically discuss the above two questions. We’ll talk about the latter and the former.

, why Ali and Alipay must be killed to do the "social"


1.1 strategy priority Ali

Internet circles, there has been a saying: Tencent strong in products and users. Its success is often a little bit from the user evolved success. For example, in the first time to do QQ, Ma Huateng never thought that one day he would like to sell hundreds of thousands of small communication tools, and ultimately can grow into a social empire.

on the contrary, Ali is stronger than the operation and strategy. Its success is often the type that rely on top-down look far ahead from a high plane, a long-term strategic vision and keen to find "the right direction", then pour the whole army force successive break, and ultimately gain a complete victory.

Ma Yun had publicly expressed in 2014: Ali’s success today, in fact, the success of the past strategic layout.

The difference of

determines the decision logic and working method of the two companies in some key decisions.

in the Tencent, to decide whether a product or not to put significant resources to do logic, may be the first to give you some space to shift the shift.

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