Baidu Post Bar NetEase blog and other 52 sites for gangs involved in violence are under investigati June 5 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Qu Jing) 5 reporters from the State Press and publication administration was informed that, following the investigation of etc. the pornographic information, relevant departments of the General Administration of Post Bar, NetEase is on the Baidu blog,, road passenger Baba and other 52 sites suspected of posting the spread of gangs, involving violence and pornography involving illegal conduct surveys online publications. Once verified, will be punished according to law, to pursue its civil and criminal liability.

it is understood that these sites are suspected of posting "shocking Green fairy tale" series, "the dark fairy tale" series, "evil fairy tales" series of gangs, involving violence, involving pornographic content being investigated. Since this year, all levels of the administrative department of press and publication of gangs, involving violence, pornography involving illegal online publishing activities to maintain a high pressure situation, to pursue illegal websites responsibility. As of now, the State Press and publication administration has ordered ban gangs, involving violence, pornography involving illegal online publication 122, and websites investigated 93 suspects responsibility.

recently, all levels of the press and publication administration departments take the initiative to carry out the net net 2014 special action, in-depth implementation of the Central Propaganda Department issued five on the strengthening children’s publishing management and market regulation notification requirements, increase network publishing supervision, purification of children’s publishing market. In addition, the press and Publication Administration once again stressed that the site should strengthen self-discipline, legitimate business, dissemination of outstanding works, stimulate the positive energy of spiritual civilization construction.

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