Why group purchase mode praised model crisis under the market demand

2010 will be defined as "Chinese group purchase first year" is not an exaggeration, since gounpon in the overseas domestic extremely popular, brought to the U.S. group net and handle network as a leading force in every group purchase, more than a dozen new website rapidly in domestic Internet domain expansion in their own territory, in short two months time, has been up to nearly a thousand group purchase website to join in. Under the traditional mode of life is the main group purchase, consumer marketing as the main content of, a lot of "discounted tickets", "VIP member price" and "consumption coupons" mode, to meet user fast consumer demand, especially in food, wear two traditional items, group purchase website is more the fierce competition against.


(whether it is the U.S. group, handle or 24 coupons, the focus is on the actual life of consumer goods as the main content of


buy site competition is increasingly fierce, the service content homogeneity serious

Since Wang

officially launched in March 4th this year, the U.S. group net so far, according to authoritative statistics, group purchase website of large and small country has exceeded 500, which is not by the portal launched a variety of group purchase service, just half the rapid growth of this trend, the Internet industry is still in Chinese hitherto unknown.

a lot of market competition will inevitably cause rapid market saturation and brutal elimination, pointed out that the largest group purchase program open square dimension network market director Zhang Haining said network group purchase situation: "stampede in a large number of operators group purchase website or just by virtue of creative passion, simple website set up and put into operation, do not do targeted development work, this website is not only a defect in the function of group purchase, for businesses and consumers is irresponsible".

for now a large number of group purchase website together consumer goods market, the market also appeared in different voices, sticky web due to the recent emergence of businesses closed, but only under consumer compensation for their disbursements (news link "group purchase businesses leave nuomi payment consumer credit agreement"), and the same sometimes receive local businesses, even a few dozen group purchase website business consulting at the same time, it also reflects the business model of a single group purchase website.

will put the egg in the same basket situation, also makes the consumer’s choice also face more and more narrow, often use the group purchase website consumers often complain: "sometimes holding group purchase website message to businesses, businesses have to use only in non weekend time, or can not be combined with other ways of discounted reasons, refused to provide value-added services, is quite unpleasant."

and group purchase in order to focus on the website to attract users attention for the purpose, will be part of the depth of the denial of service cooperation, such as a well-known media network to promote responsible person once said: "we had hoped to launch a series of joint group purchase website selling.

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