More than 20 cities will carry out the application of network invoices pilot shop sellers worry

newspaper news (reporter Xue Song) the day before, the consumer demand in online shopping complaints occur when the invoice is blocked, for an invoice between buyers and sellers often quarrel even bargain, deal. The relevant departments of the state last month said it would carry out the network (Electronic) invoice application pilot in more than and 20 cities such as Guangzhou, the policy also led to a large number of small sellers engaged in the shop’s concerns.


asking for invoice is almost impossible

reporter yesterday asked a number of Taobao shop, including cosmetics, clothing, jewelry, mobile phones and other commodities. The shopkeeper said the vast majority of the shop can not provide invoices. There are commodities simply marked "if the invoice is negotiated separately". As the home appliance products involving customer service maintenance issues, the reporter insisted must require the invoice, some shopkeepers said that usually charge a tax invoice several points, such as the computer needs additional 3%, the camera needs additional 4%.

is also in the consumer group purchase request an invoice of another large "blind spots", consumers MS ho told reporters that she and friends are the major site of the group purchase loyal customers, regardless of group purchase delicacy packages, beauty salons or group purchase coupons, are directly pay for the website, website no invoice, business not invoice.

, however, not all online transactions can not be invoiced, the mall Jingdong (micro-blog), (micro-blog) B2C electricity providers are default every single all invoices, allegedly, the expenses required to pay an annual tax of 100 million yuan.


Invoicing products to price 20%

shop why can not provide invoices, the reporter also interviewed a large number of Taobao sellers, on the one hand is the qualification problem. A shoe Taobao treasurer said, there is no physical store and business registration license, no tax registration certificate, so there is no invoice qualification.

is the cost problem. A cosmetics shopkeeper said that if the invoice must be registered company, to go through many procedures, they must pay taxes, the cost of these rates down product prices rose at least 20%."

there are some shop owners think there is no need to require small sellers invoicing. There are shopkeepers said that if consumers want to buy genuine brand, to invoice, you can go to Tmall (micro-blog), Jingdong and other large online shopping malls, although expensive, but to rest assured. If the market businesses are required to produce invoices, this is undoubtedly a major blow to us these small sellers, for buyers, also lost the previous one can find cheap baby opportunities.

despite the controversy, but the implementation of electronic Invoicing online transactions is imperative. Last month, the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance and other eight ministries issued a notice on promoting the healthy and rapid development of e-commerce related work. The notice said that this year will be Beijing, Guangzhou and other cities to carry out more than 20

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