From the food and beverage medical to ticketing travel O2O is the BAT world or entrepreneurs parad

in the PC Internet era, entrepreneurs in the face of BAT and other industry giants is dreaded, and in the mobile Internet era, especially in the field of mobile O2O more market segments, a large number of entrepreneurs coming in.

from food to travel to ticketing, mobile O2O in many segments of the industry, some in BAT after become a capital competition, some entrepreneurs is still in his arm a boxing. In Baidu, the Department of Tencent and the Department of Ali has long been omnipresent, mobile O2O in the end is the world of BAT or entrepreneurs paradise?

we first look at the impact of BAT on the two outlets O2O industry.

TalkingData released the "2015 white paper" O2O mobile application industry, the scale of mobile Internet users in China has reached 1 billion 150 million, mobile O2O industry in the amount of 750 million users, accounting for 65.2% of the overall scale of mobile Internet users. And BAT in which the status of the pivotal.

food O2O, BAT in

in three


food and beverage O2O development can be said to be from the beginning of the group buying, the origin of the U.S. group, the public comment and glutinous rice also occupy the main market O2O. I believe many people remember the fighting group purchase market, Alibaba in 2011 $50 million investment led the U.S. group, let Wang Xing and his team talent shows itself in the competition. 2013 Baidu to $160 million acquisition of glutinous rice, a stake of 59%, and then a wholly-owned acquisition of glutinous rice. When not in the Tencent’s own Gaopeng help, get a 20% stake in the 2014 strategic stake in the public comment. By sanpower Group acquired lashou has gradually decline.


after the buy, takeaway O2O began to embark on the stage of history. By the end of 2014 before the outbreak of the burn war "how many takeaway O2O platform appeared in each region can make nothing of it, at least one or two local takeaway platform. After intense competition, have access to public comment on a $80 million investment and Tencent led a $350 million investment in the hungry, the U.S. group has beauty group background takeout, Baidu’s and Baidu takeaway and Ali camp up with Amoy little takeaway market potential trillion.

travel O2O, after the bustling BAT ending


travel should be the most active in the O2O industry, from the taxi to the bus ride then evolved in various forms, but also in marketing from subsidies to slobber to war without limit "tear force war". But the front of the protagonist after several transformations, and behind the competition is difficult to take off BAT. Ali and Tencent invested in the fast and drops in the taxi market set off a revolution in the Internet, full of thought

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