The pig short rent for ten million B round of financing rent industry or the new peak

lead: from China hotels online booking volume, short rental market is still fragmented niche market, accounted for more than a few. In the industry view, although there is a market demand for short rent, but want to develop to a certain scale depends on the protracted war to nurture the user.


domestic short rental website pig short rent has received ten million U.S. dollars B round of financing, recently or will be announced.

pig short rent in August 2012 jointly established by Chen Chi and Wang Liantao. Wang Liantao and Chen Chi was executives at the end of 2011, the market on the line of ants short rental business, run by Chen Chi, at the beginning of 2012, was responsible for the group purchase business market will adjust to the staff of Wang Liantao and the ants short term.

but the development concept of two people and then go CEO Hao Yang Chung conflict, Yang Haoyong believed that short term investment is too large, to make ends meet, may repeat the mistakes of March 2012, group purchase business, Yang Haoyong of ants short rental team to make adjustments, the dissolution of nearly 100 line pushed the team.

in the proposal of ants short rental business spin off is not by Yang Haoyong, Chen Chi and others ultimately chose to leave the fair, and the subsequent creation of piglets less than six months rent short, reached a strategic cooperation and competition fair 58 city.

January 6, 2013, piggy rent short Morningside ventures announces $10 million A round of financing, while Ganji also announced its formal ants short rental business spin off, and declared independence obtained by ants short term advantages of capital, bluerun, Sequoia Capital, nearly 10 million US dollars.

short rental industry has suffered localization problems

The originator of

short rental business is in the United States in 2008 founded the Airbnb, its commercial nature of tourism in the economy to share. Airbnb broke the previous tour only to find a hotel or guesthouse accommodation habits, and establish a trust score platform for people through the website or mobile devices around the world, find rental or lease by the residents of countries to provide their own unique housing, time and type of limitation. Currently, this model has also been used in other areas of the car rental, catering and other different areas.

Airbnb is currently in 192 countries, more than 2 of the world become a city to provide services. According to public data, at present, Airbnb global users has reached 11 million, in 2013 the overall revenue of $250 million, the company’s valuation of up to $10 billion.

the first in the domestic short rental business "love day" on-line by the German Samwer three brothers in June 2011, but after two years The climate does not suit one. due to funding strand breaks officially closed, Samwer three brothers who founded the "Airbnb" copycat site Wimdu in germany.

fact, Samwer invested in the hope that love daily rent Chinese online rent short field quickly to seize market share and then sell at a profit, because.

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