08 webmaster Olympics are you Ready

08 webmaster Olympics, are you Ready

webmaster, you still do you stand all day for others and every horse, constantly refresh their website

webmaster, you are still in your GG ad unit price, and every day can not help but landing GG look at

webmaster, do you still bring traffic to your site, and in the major forums posting

webmaster, do you still worry about your station one day by Baidu K, and every day site about

webmaster, do you every night 2 points, not a little sleepy

yes, for what, for the Olympic Games in our hearts

in order to be able to say loudly: we are ready

yes, the dream is to flow in the heart of the station, like the flood of Ji’nan, like the constant influx of

doesn’t want to work every day,

don’t want to be a day of entertainment, tired

does not want to three meals every day, or

so, we chose to do stand

do stand can stand you happy

do stand can let you get rid of poverty

allows you to build up the family fortunes


each webmaster have their own existence

some webmaster can do 20USD 1000IP, cattle

my station 50000ip, just do 20USD, miserable

no matter how much you are now living

or how much to pay for your station

please speak out loud: we are ready


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