Half an hour to burn 1 billion 500 million ‘m afraid by marketing director Zoran have the right to

drops a burn countless occupation of the national market, has become the company’s valuation of billions of birth? The following is about the development of marketing director drops drops of experience: according to the application market last month, the magnitude of this month, to do what can be raised to what level? App Store if only rely on how to divide? Qualifying or natural growth is what kind of? Also need to find what traffic outside? The goal of dismantling, and then push down this month, what to do publicity, brand promotion activities, to do big frequency, each estimated to bring the number of downloads, all need a data support.


one, the beginning of the drops: a good entrepreneurial team is more wolf

good team is the wolf, the interpersonal relationship is very simple, not intrigue. In the work of PK and quarrel is normal, we often quarrel, but it is to work. Shut the door to quarrel, go out is always a good brother, team atmosphere is particularly good, especially the wolf, we are very spell.

drops of the first logo, a particularly lovely car, that is, we just graduated from the UE designer to do. She just graduated a year ago, was to learn jewelry design, she wants to develop in Internet Co. At that time, I asked her to interview, you can do this job? She said capable, tired also does not matter, I can endure hardship, and then dry. Me too, I did eight years B side of the market, never done C side, want to transition, but past experience is not very practical. I told Cheng Wei, if you dare to use me, we will try, anyway, I have confidence, I do not know if you have confidence. So he said, "try it," and that’s how it works. We are all like this.

also walked a lot of detours. For example, we are looking for early users who would like to think of a taxi? White-collar workers will be a taxi, the white-collar workers to do a place to gather. Later found that the path of thinking is a problem, because the product is not strong enough, brand awareness is not high enough, too focused on a segment of the user, but will limit themselves. Because the demand for everyone to have a taxi, but the frequency of demand is not the same. In fact, through a lot of pits, but the pace of adjustment is very fast, which is a major reason for the rapid occupation of the market.

two, start-up companies have no money to do brand

venture company to do the market, from the very beginning to consider the brand, not to say that the business matures to do. Do not start the brand, you may miss the best window to do the brand. There are many ways to do the brand, do not have to spend money, large-scale advertising. How to play without money? How can we get the attention of others, from the product itself to tap the highlights. Because drops itself is an innovative model, so we will start from the user, and constantly tap the benefits of the product itself to the user.

1, more convenient in the application scene. For example, original >

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