BT cooperation Baidu search results appear Tencent computer housekeeper mark

we all know that the search engine results, there will be a "risk" and "certification" suggest that these security web site database is generally safe from the green box or 360 alliance network shield. Among them, Baidu’s search results are the use of security alliance data, 360 search is to use their own data, after all, security is his old bank.

today in Sirius to do data analysis work, due to the need to collect some of the site’s early data, so go to search the Internet Archive, and found the following scene:


in the search results of Baidu, Tencent has appeared in the security steward of the label. Even more surprising is that the Tencent security housekeeper actually labeled the Internet Archive as risk site, suggesting that the page may be false information!".

and view 360 search and search dogs, search results are as follows, there is no risk marking.



while searching for other data, found that Baidu is still using the security alliance database, as shown below:

  I do not know Baidu’s search results appear in Tencent data, whether it means that the two sides have a certain degree of cooperation. And I do not know how Tencent’s database, but it really hurts.

currently Sirius has not yet found other sites have Tencent housekeeper labeling, hoping to find friends can communicate together.


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