Lanting Pavilion set into the plight of growth potential how to find alternative wedding category

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listed before the highly sought after, announced two quarter earnings but suffered a "whitewash earnings questioned, experienced lawyer of the Lanting Pavilion set potential, ushered in the third quarter earnings, although the first quarter earnings reached the quarter expectations, but after the listing of its first loss. One of the important factors is that the growth rate of a serious slowdown, one of the three categories of wedding dress class in trouble, and how to find a better growth category has become the core issue.

weak growth losses

second quarter earnings to break the market on Lanting Pavilion set potential confidence, reported the day the stock fell more than 30%, the most important reason is the revenue growth of less than market expectations of $75 million 800 thousand, the growth rate of only 53%, while the growth rate of the previous three quarters of Lanting Pavilion net revenue rose respectively 82%, 96%, 99%, which in every guest Dangdang, only about 30% of the growth rate of the electricity supplier industry, will undoubtedly attract the attention of investors.

but this is not a high growth rate: in the second quarter, in addition to the growth rate, Lanting Pavilion is not expected to increase this quarter, the increase is not only -7000 $68 million, which also led to the collapse of the stock price. The second quarter of these bad news has been fully digested by the market, Lanting Pavilion shares from the highest $23.38, has been hovering around $10.

due to lower expectations, third quarter revenue of $68 million 100 thousand is expected to reach Lanting Pavilion is not a surprise, but only 33.4% year-on-year growth still cannot make investors, especially after several consecutive profitable quarter, Lanting Pavilion has a net loss of $2 million 400 thousand, while over the same period last year only a net loss of $1 million.

is expected in the next quarter, Lanting Pavilion expected revenue will reach $75 million to $77 million, is still not optimistic about the growth rate, the expected growth of only 15.8%-18.9%.

investors on Lanting Pavilion earnings disappointed attitude, Lanting Pavilion after the earnings release disc before it fell more than 20%, as of yesterday’s close, Lanting Pavilion shares fell 23.05% to $7.68 in stock price, the lowest point in history.

in the three quarter earnings conference call, investors have put forward "revenue growth when the speed, the Lanting Pavilion CFO Xue Zheng answer some helpless," we cannot predict when the revenue growth speed, our goal is to continue to further activate the market, while revenue growth as soon as possible."

wedding dress category dilemma


Lanting Pavilion market listing, although the main foreign wedding dress, Home Furnishing, accessories three categories, but due to the "wedding dress" this category of gross profit margin is very high, basically belongs to the category of "profiteering", this is a very good story ", and even the media reported the title of" wedding achievement the cardinality of Lanting Pavilion".

there is no denying that, although LAN >

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