Google implemented in the AdWords advertising title to join the domain name

May 19th news, according to foreign media reports, in order to let the user know where to click through to enter the Google search engine, the Google Corporation announced that it would join the login page in the bidding advertising keywords in the title of the top part of the domain name. As early as in the earlier this month, the Nilaye Thakrar Workopolis Canada recruitment website on the Internet found confirmed the changes.


will bring effective click more, more interesting is that as long as the advertising of the title character of not more than 68 characters, Google will continue to be the first line of text ads described added to the title, title and description by a hyphen "-" to separate.

added to the prefix headline links will not WWW, also does not include any sub domain, and only display the login page of the domain name, it will be through a vertical and other content in the title separately.

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