10 burn sites let VC chiefs hold headache cry

recommended three glasses of wine, a little girl sitting on the thigh, "city farmer" left a big mouth:

"now, advertising is still by the vast majority of video sites as a life-saving straw, especially in the" burning "most sharing sites for what."

domestic network video site has two basic models, one is the flow mode, one is the income model." Field group vice president of uniform "unreal" reporter said, "on behalf of the first class is the video sharing sites, such as six rooms, etc.; on behalf of the second class is a live video website, such as you, PPLIVE, as well as on-demand websites such as vent, 21CN and other earlier."

network is an old traveller "creative bird" on the table is a cigarette grabbed a deep breath and relax, spit a smoke ring, behind the fullness of the Miss closer, "although there are differences, but the advertising and value-added services, the sale of high quality content copyright fees, watch the video site as there are most profit breakthrough."

"the fact that these patterns do bring real money, but it seems to me that this is not enough, the video site when people need more profits to prove himself." Lee black. Stressed on the beauty of a woman in a black uniform.

Oh, this beauty reporter is a hardcore Harvey fans. She before leaving, a senior industry have put a relentless, "no one hundred million, don’t do video station!" I do not know who is good at.

reporters left, we talked very freely, but also more open, there are currently China network companies, there are a few crazy burn? Or have the crazy burn


are the same, the success of a great chance, who do not force cattle. There is a real industry heavyweights, a mouth on a whirlwind of aphorisms, really thought he is the godfather of the Internet?? I bah, nausea is


a few years ago who don’t know how many customers cheated cheated? How many sales staff, others do not know, the industry has a few do not know? But now listed in can barely maintain for a period of time, money is not the same as in the

to continue to burn?

listed again? What is the listing is to make a lot of money? Far!

at the end of the discussion, several brothers hold in the arms of Miss dizzy engage in a 10 burn domestic web site ranking, say, the help of Miss prettily immeasurably vast difference surprised, because many sites they often go to play.

however, miss and website really have the same place: have fun, but especially after burn, play heartache, heartache to play.

finally, or the party’s top 10 domestic website ranking burn out, and let those newbier rumbling VC chiefs to cry on each other’s shoulder:

TOP website ranking 10 domestic burn: PPG, itat, Taobao, Youku, potatoes, your mother > o

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