Question P2P net loan platform innovation in October the problem platform reached 35

original title: problem platform innovation in October P2P volume differentiation

every reporter Zhu Dandan from Beijing

since the second half of this year, many VCs have reached the P2P net loan industry, at the same time, the platform also increasing problem.

November 1st, the latest data released by the net loan home, in October net loan industry turnover of 26 billion 836 million yuan, an increase of 2.30% in the month of September, volume growth slowed. At the same time, to enter in October, the problem platform increased significantly, the problem platform reached 35 month, more than last year, the collapse of the peak of the highest single month record of 32.

insiders told the "daily economic news" reporter said, the October slowdown, there is a clear differentiation, the first platform volume does not shrink, the common platform will shrink serious, widespread decline of 50%.

October is now 35 problem platform innovation high

net loan home latest data show that in October net loan industry turnover of 26 billion 836 million yuan, an increase of $26 billion 233 million in the same period in September, an increase of 2.30%, volume growth slowed. In addition, the comprehensive income in October P2P net loan industry rate continue dropping to 16.46%, the chain in September (17.14%) fell 68 basis points.

October turnover slowed, and differentiation, the most important reason, or net loan industry is too small overall body mass. Nearly a year, we will return the funds, to avoid the peak at the end of step on mine. Secondly, the recent emergence of a lot of private finance and other negative news and foot cases, many investors out of hedge considerations, so the return of funds." E micro loan CEO waves on the daily economic news reporter said.


net loan also pointed out that the net loan industry as a complement to the traditional financial sector, in the past month, platform emerged, showing significant fraud risk and liquidity risk, the higher the possibility of investors’ funds withdrawn or transferred to the traditional financial market, this year is expected to total annual turnover or up to 240 billion yuan. At the same time, the market generally expected the top-level design of net loan industry regulation is forthcoming, into the formal supervision after the platform needs the risk aversion of policy and law, the industry overall investment income rate will continue to drop to a reasonable interval. October issue platform exposure increased, low risk appetite of investors to transfer funds to a high security but low yield platform, resulting in the overall decline in the rate of return of the industry. In addition, due to the larger volume of the platform in October, the overall rate of return fell significantly, pulling down the average yield of the industry as a whole. Expected by the end of this year, net loan yields will hover at the edge of 16%.

according to the net loan home data show that in October this year, a total of 35 problem platform, the number of single issue platform in the history of the first. It is worth noting that the fraud platform intensified, the 35 problem platform fraud platform has 17.


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