58 city public comment the same platform depth O2O integration of the coming wave of mergers and

[Abstract] T architecture, cross platform, belonging to the head of the company, is a subdivision of the field of mining, is the tail of the company.


Tencent science and technology reported on May 7th

O2O unique platform + depth merger type T integration is becoming a trend. Hungry and the combination of public comment can be seen as the beginning of this merger and investment boom.

in the afternoon of May 6th, with Shanghai and Zhenjiang vinegar flavor Baozi Stuffed with Juicy Pork cafe, ordering platform hungry announced a high-profile public comment received 80 million of the financing, and also obtain funds and public comment merchants, and take away resources flow.

another exposed this clue is 58 city. 58 city recently made the first personnel adjustment after the listing. Former senior vice president Chen Xiaohua rose as Chief Strategic Officer (CSO), responsible for the company’s competitive strategy, new business incubator and investment acquisitions. Areas such as car rental, driving, home economics.

58 city and public comment almost similar to the idea, as a platform company, is trying to do a deep integration of the platform and a subdivision of the field. This integration is different from the entrance layout of BAT and other Tencent, but a similar T font architecture, horizontal platform, belonging to the head of the company, is a subdivision of the field of mining, is the tail of the company.


extension to the imagination, there can also be integrated in the cross under many segments, a variety of integrated down, this arrangement to be a nail fastened O2O field, forming a closed-loop real O2O.

why is T type integration?

consensus in the field of O2O is now to be closed loop. But in fact, there is no one company can truly closed loop. The reason is that the closed loop can not be completed by a company. A logical logic, is the platform, and in each sub area do a good enough even for O2O company.

public comment on such a platform to do the depth of the depth of deep feelings. Vice President Long Wei said, O2O industry related to the line of a multitude of things, not one who could make a loop. To do closed loop, can only be done through the ecological chain.

segments of the company, such as the service industry car rental, driving on behalf of, housekeeping, etc., takeaway food and beverage industry has been on the rise, but the future is not as large as the imagination of the platform company. 58 city CEO Yao Jinbo (micro-blog) is a blunt statement: if the 58 itself to do a good job, such as rent, blue collar recruitment, the sale of second-hand goods, such as second-hand cars should be said that the opportunity is getting smaller and smaller. If the service form is the same, the opportunity is getting smaller and smaller.

platform for the company to do the final closed loop, Domain company needs to segment the company’s traffic and data platform, the two sides with more imagination.

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