Government web site the total Lei Henan Xinxiang government network turned dental clinic

a chance today, opened the Xinxiang Municipal People’s Government of Henan province website (strictly speaking is the Xinxiang Municipal People’s Government of Henan Province, the domain name, discovered a phenomenon of thunder: the government actually used for dental clinic website domain name.


Henan Municipal People’s government website domain name related website record information page screenshot

XinxiangAccording to the Ministry of industry and information technology

ICP/IP address / domain name information for the record management system query results show that the domain name is held in Xinxiang city in Henan province people’s government office, responsible person, website Qiu Bing website record number Henan ICP No. 05027336, certificate type for the business license number also 00551213-6, the domain name in December 26, 2005 by filing audit.

by a Hangfeng verification "Notice of the CPC Xinxiang Municipal Committee, Xinxiang Municipal People’s Government on the adjustment of Xinxiang city government information construction leading group members (New Article No. [2004]126)" can confirm that Qiu Bing is the man, when he was deputy director of economic information center, and Xinxiang city government information construction leading group members of the group served as deputy director of the office.



government of Xinxiang city in Henan Province — the status quo of the domain name inch dental

As shown in figure

, the government of Xinxiang City, Henan province domain name was not used for government related project site, but to a dental medical website: Fangcun dental! After an in-depth understanding, it is not the government dental project, but Henan is not Xinxiang local any project, but a Beijing medical institution, the independent the enterprise website address is, IP is in December 14th, the first of a test bulletin website latest news release in February 3rd 09

According to

Zhang Hangfeng, the domain name is not set up a website for detail dental, but directly to the website promotion service is not the domain name to Fangcun dental web server.

as everyone knows is that the government domain name (* is reserved for government agencies to implement the network management of the exclusive domain, any non government individuals, enterprises are unable to register this.

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