Exploration and Thinking on the development of website profit model

      a   the general dilemma of website profitability

      for most sites, traffic + advertising profit model is not enough for its survival and development needs, SP adjustment makes many websites income has shrunk severely; reputation performance problem, advertising, the advertising alliance has become an unlikely to rely on; brand advertising has mostly voted for visibility high site, garbage flows increasingly worthless; although there are Google Adsense, but its price is low on the poor; the effect of advertising, ignoring the brand display value for the webmaster is still not fair… < br / > the above views if there is a shallow place, welcome criticism.

      two   what are the prospects of the website profit model

      in addition to play the media attribute website, to flow + advertising profits, ladder Wang Yihui believes that there are a lot of very good website profit pattern to the webmaster to explore.

      1 Internet + traditional industry

      compared with the traditional industries, the advantages of the Internet is obviously, such as the "interactive" advantage, successful examples such as recruitment, tourism and other fields and the combination of the Internet, there are many examples, such as the first in the country, China chemical network, there are a large number of every hue of the industry Web site here, no more listed, I only said one of you but it is easy to overlook the It is quite common for example and a ladder network recently by the guidance of example.

      this example is It is quite common for the network game, the network game industry is obvious to people you wonder, a few years ago brought up several rich, but the network game industry is "+ Internet advantage" of traditional industries, may say you will feel surprised. The network game to "traditional industries + Internet advantage", because, before the network game, PC game is a very popular industry, Chinese small cafe, whose ancestor is mostly small computer game hall, computer game hall upgrade to the Internet, so the traditional PC game game player upgrade network game player…

      the advantages of the traditional PC game industry + network = online game boom

      give a recent example of a ladder network guide.

      this is the ladder network sponsor, we provide a series of sites from the start location for its > GU

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