More than 360 37wan was Webpage Game alone on behalf of the Alliance

sina science and technology news October 21st afternoon news, 360 of its game network, the 360 game center and the Shanghai tour family jointly hosted the fourth China’s original Web Game Summit (WOG2013) will be held in Hainan. The summit 360 game center, Shanghai 37wan and play the game network will be formally established Webpage Game alone on behalf of the alliance.

The so-called

Webpage Game single generation alliance refers to the signing of a single generation agreement with any one of the members of the union, will be at the same time in the three major league members under the platform operation, and at the same time enjoy three platform operation resources. The independent generation of the creation of the page tour of a single generation project has been identified, is developed by the Seventh Avenue, God created the world.

according to the three major independent alliance platform responsible person, God created the world is just a beginning, the future of the alliance will be the same form of cooperation to introduce more new page tour.

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