8090 online mall Cup China Xi’an electricity supplier business competition

March 30, 2011, sponsored by the 8090 online shopping mall, "the new generation" magazine, China China Voluntary Emission Reduction Network hosted the 2011 8090 online mall cup China (Xi’an) youth e-commerce business competition was officially launched in Xi’an China Chinese, Xi’an talent market, deputy director of Shaanxi provincial talent exchange service center Huanyu Group chairman Wang Dongcheng, on behalf of Xinping Shaanxi Province, talent exchange service center business department minister Yu Junjie and other leaders of college students participating in the contest starts. Generation of Xinping chairman on behalf of the contest organizers solemn commitment to the community at the start of the occasion, the electronic commerce talents emerged in this contest will help them in the end, the dream of success.

reporter learned from the organizing committee, the e-commerce venture will last 7 months, from now until the end of October. As long as you are interested in e-commerce and have the actual sales promotion ability of individuals or teams can sign up to participate in the whole process does not charge any participant fees. The competition will be divided into registration and preliminaries, semi-finals and finals in four stages, before the finals, all projects through the online submission, and accept users vote for statistics, in the finals, there will be sales competition entity shop online mall, comprehensive user vote, decide the final ranking. Contest a total of eighteen awards, including first prize, two prize two, third-prize five, ten award of excellence, the first three winners in prize money, can also get 5 to 100 thousand yuan investment in the establishment of the provincial and municipal branch, award winner for Shaanxi province college students venture fund 3-50 million and business incubator office space.

is reported that this contest is designed to help college students entrepreneurship, ease the pressure on college students at the same time to explore the employment of e-commerce elite talent, and jointly explore the store sales of e-commerce business model. Chinese Xi’an talent market, deputy director of Shaanxi provincial talent exchange service center Wang Dongcheng said: "Chinese Xi’an talent market, talent exchange center of Shaanxi province in 2011 to expand the amount of funds to help, to help students start from the Shaanxi province college graduates venture fund minimum come up with 10 million yuan to start to improve employment, alleviate the employment pressure, and encourage college students dare to do poineering work independently."

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