Behind Baidu’s organizational structure adjustment outstanding financial benchmarking ant gold suit

[Abstract] Baidu this time to adjust the greater change is that Baidu vice president Wang Zhan and the report of the object of the change in the.


Tencent science and technology Lei Jianping Shen circle reported on December 15th

Baidu announced yesterday the company’s major restructuring, the formation of financial services group (FSG), the consumer finance business, wallet payment services, internet securities business, and the vice president of Baidu financial services business group general manager Zhu Guangren.

Zhu joined Baidu in December 2008, Baidu is responsible for long-term market, Baidu public relations and government relations team, after the realignment, the business of Zhu Guang responsible to Baidu CEO, Baidu emerging business group (EBG) general manager Zhang Yaqin (micro-blog).

this means that after a lapse of 7 years, Baidu big market, public relations and government relations team is responsible for the first major change. Prior to joining Baidu, Zhang Yaqin served as vice president and senior vice president of Microsoft Asia Pacific R & D group, which is also good at dealing with government relations.

Baidu this adjustment is more prominent in the significance of Internet banking in Baidu, Baidu has become the fourth cause of its group. Zhu Guang originally reported to Baidu CFO Li Xinzhe, served as general manager of the financial services group, has turned to Baidu CEO report.

, an industry analyst pointed out that with the establishment of Baidu financial services business group (FSG), Baidu original decentralized payment, financial management, private banking and insurance business to concentrate, its underlying business is direct current heady ant gold service.

of course, Baidu financial services group (FSG) face no small challenge, Baidu payment business than the Tencent, Ali small, private banks, insurance has just started, and the recent micro public bank executives frequently leave also suggest that the truth is not smooth transition of zhu.

Internet banking into the fourth Baidu

this time Baidu business restructuring, Baidu consumer business, Baidu wallet payment service and team and team, Baidu and Baidu internet securities business team, financial market research and strategy team was transferred to the financial services group.

this one, Baidu consumer business, Baidu internet securities business, Baidu financial market research and strategy team belongs to Baidu emerging business group (EBG), Baidu wallet payment business is Baidu mobile services group (MSG).

other business is adjusted to paste it and mobile gaming business, Hao123 business. These are the original business Baidu emerging business group (EBG), but are classified to the mobile service group (MSG) and search business group (SSG).

in February this year, Baidu internal restructuring, the business is divided into three major groups, namely the mobile cloud division and LBS division merged into mobile services >

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