The hackers compromised the CA website disclosure of military personnel love on pornographic websit

since the beginning of May 7th, the website or database of world famous enterprises and the media once was a spoof or broken down. Information within the enterprise and the government, after being stolen uploaded to the network, allowing users to access. In June 16th, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) website was "distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks," the website dropped an hour. The attacker, who was responsible for the announcement, said excitedly: "let’s Tango for the successful invasion of CIA!"

lists a long list of victims:

American public broadcaster


Sony Corp

U.S. Federal Bureau of investigation

U.S. Central Intelligence Agency

U.S. Senate

55 porn site


PBS "a" fake news

May 29th, the American public broadcasting company (PBS) website, in the "news time" column headlines throws a blockbuster: the late famous rap singer Tupac · in fact, now still Shaq, healthy life in new zealand.

PBS due to the "news time" has always been a serious reputation, many users of the news will be convinced, have gotten the attention, Google news will also be included. At the same time, the news on the social networking site Facebook (Facebook) and Twitter (twitter) on the ongoing reprint.

when the network on this miraculous speculation, unusually hot, PBS’s "news time" immediately come forward to clarify this is false news, and delete it. They said: "the site was attacked again, we are doing our best to repair."

May 30th, the attackers announced on Twitter to be responsible for the matter.

SONY coupon code stolen

and Fawkes tv. After the site was attacked, 363 Fawkes employees password theft. In addition, the TV station a draft program database was compromised, 73 thousand contestants of the personal information leakage, including their name, telephone number and e-mail address.

Sony Corp’s global websites have been occupied, including SONY music, SONY pictures and SONY BMG. The attackers stole data from the database to SONY pictures. They also disclose their own intrusion techniques, resulting in a large number of users with this approach to get the company’s 3 million 500 thousand sets of coupon code.

attackers have not forgotten to humiliate Sony Corp: "from the beginning of 2011, laugh at your system. We just want to make you more awkward, stupid SONY! "

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