From Durex Anne failed to see the spirit of marketing industry to make personnel listen to heaven

"jinrenshi, listen to destiny, is the most I can see an attitude to life, regardless of occupation, business, or marketing, it has the power of a trend which cannot be halted.

most of the time, people love to make personnel, listen to heaven "in" heaven on purpose ", and I want to say" jinrenshi, listen to destiny "ninety-nine percent role in" jinrenshi ".

A flower,

marketing industry famous Mr. Durex, also worked in a variety of meat in the yellow piece "unable to extricate themselves, also in the garden that always eye-catching marketing low mud.""…… Now Mr. Durex, almost became the marketing industry myth, stand on behalf of social marketing summit.


to the occasion in the college entrance examination in senior high school entrance examination, Du "grass root" is how to become a "witty but not vulgar, but taste and bad taste, and so what are just" elegant and witty Mr.




during the 2012 college entrance examination micro-blog: super play

2014 children’s Day micro-blog

told me that the senior high school entrance examination and college entrance examination, the children’s day to do Durex ads, the lower limit of


we can see is now almost standing in the marketing of "veterans" circle of Mr. Durex in the early years, it is not blindly elegant people, just a young, want to quickly get the majority of users recognized, always emerge must be known in order, inexperienced, want to climb the top of the social people.

and his practice is: constantly marketing, borrowing and making trouble, all we are concerned with the problem, almost with his figure, of course, this is the middle of the use of the excellent, there is poor, almost let oneself or the fall of his clever marketing, lies in the get rid of the wrong, and as soon as possible so that the outshining the wrong story, and use of the marketing strategy, big fuss, to push yourself into a marketing "aston".

in heaven before, really have a long long "jinrenshi" to do.

Analysis on the "recent movies, TV in the teeth of the storm" and entrepreneurial story


film, made Mahatma back, catch demon and pancake man, Sherlock worry, can be said to be several recent particularly, we focus on the view of man and Sherlock pancake troubles, their success is almost the audience "unexpected", this is called fate, but before that, no matter whether it is advertising marketing and other means for good, or are still in need of a "jinrenshi" foundation, almost at the same time they gave people a new hope: small and beautiful creation of stunning reproduction, really brilliant domestic film was about to start.

TV, Langya

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