The greater the size of the loss of the more the sea Amoy how far away

money, is so capricious, which is probably the recent overseas businessmen to Chinese consumers shopping experience directly.

Carnival smoke

"double 11" and "black Friday" is not over, "double 12" has quietly come. To the end of the business promotion month "has been opened, and this year and in previous years is internationalization, consumers can Chinese sea Amoy goods abroad, and overseas consumers can also sea Amoy goods China. Whether it is China or overseas electricity supplier, are not a ground to join the melee.

cross-border electricity supplier in 2014, the rapid development of the size of the sea Amoy is also growing, followed by a number of issues have caused concern.

a problem with the civil trade is the lack of a fair, transparent and sound trading mechanism, because many goods do not come through normal trade channels." B2B has recently launched a cross-border electronic business platform CEO Lingyue Ge Xin NetEase to "China Times" reporter said, now many are entering the sea Amoy Chinese by mail, if the size of the country will lose a lot of tariff.

sea Amoy more convenient

the second half of 2014, often scouring the sea Liu Yanyan found this year the opening of business more and more overseas Chinese direct mail, and shipping is also very low. Liu Yanyan just as friends buy a GRACO brand of child safety seat in the United States Messi department store, and count the freight prepaid tariff, she only need to pay 680 yuan of money, and the same product in domestic at least to sell to 1300 yuan.

recently, Alipay announced the launch of overseas direct purchase service, scouring the sea operation process is simplified into three steps, the sea Amoy shopping as simple as Taobao. Including Liu Yanyan to buy a child safety seat in the Messi department, four U.S. Department stores have announced support for Alipay overseas direct mail.

Amazon is also not resigned to playing second fiddle. In November 28th, Amazon China overseas purchase store officially launched, and called on "black Friday" period, through the overseas purchase shops simultaneously enjoy the Amazon American "black Friday" exclusive offers, Amazon direct logistics delivery, from transport waiting for trouble.

another sea Amoy Zhang Xinxin in the second half of this year will be the focus of all focused on cross-border electronic business platform in China, Zhang Xinxin in March this year, just upgraded a mother, she recently surprised to find that in some domestic cross-border electricity supplier platform, she often buy paper diapers and other commodity prices become very cheap. A more than 160 yuan in the market price of diapers, to see the low price of 80 yuan can often in the electronic business platform, and a week or so you can receive the goods.

in the domestic platform, it is necessary to pay taxes, but if the tax is less than 50 yuan, you can tax." Zhang Xinxin told reporters that the platform is often the most popular baby products at lower prices, such as the need to pay high tariffs and skin care products, Zhang Xinxin never mind.

reporter has learned that

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